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Useful Information

Time Zone

Madrid’s time is in the WET - Western European Time
 (GMT/UTC GMT/UTC +1 in summer) 

Austrália Camberra +10h
Brazil Brasília -3h
France Paris +1h
Germany Bonn +1h
Holland Amsterdam +1h
Italy Rome +1h
Japan Tokyo +9h
Norway Oslo +1h
Portugal Lisbon =
South Africa Cape Town +2h
Spain Madrid +1h
Sweden Stockholm +1h
UK London =
USA Chicago -6h
USA Los Angeles -8h
USA New York -5h
USA Washington -5h

 Current Time in Madrid


The climate of Madrid is continental; mainly dry and quite extreme at times. Madrid sees a lot of sunshine and has a characteristically hot and dry summer. Winter can be fairly cold with frequent frosts during the night and the occasional snowfall. Spring and autumn are mild with the most rainfall falling in these months. Spring and autumn are definitely the best times to visit, especially the months of April, May, June, September and October. There is very little rainfall during summer and also less rainfall during winter.



Since 2002 the sole currency of Spain has been the Euro.
Coins: 1cent, 2cent, 5cent, 10cent, 20cent, 50cent, €1, €2.
Banknotes: €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, €500.

More information about the updated exchange rates can be found at the XE Website.


European type 2 pin sockets with 220 volts AC at 50 cycles are used. The phase 380 volt current is normally available in meeting and exhibition rooms.

To use American-type plugs, a 220-volt transformer should be used together with an adapter plug.

Useful Phone numbers

Country Code: +34
International Call Prefix: 00
Porto area prefix:  91

Emergency Telephone Numbers
- Emergency services in Madrid: 112
- Madrid City Council Information: 010
- Community of Madrid Information: 012

- Madrid and Móstoles: 080
- Community of Madrid: 085

- National: 091
- Municipal: 092
- Guardia Civil: 062

Report an Incident/nearest police station
91 713 14 40
91 713 14 43 
c/ Príncipe de Asturias, 8
Metro: Manuel Becerra

Public Health
- SAMUR (Accidents in public places): 092
- INSALUD (Urgencies): 061 or 112 (English or Spanish)
  . Emergencies: 91 522 22 22
  . Intoxications: 91 562 04 20
  . Ambulances: 91 473 93 61

Lost or Stolen Credit Cards
- Visa: 901 10 10 11
- MasterCard (Eurocard): 91 519 21 00
- American Express: 91 572 03 03
- Diner's Club Card: 902 40 11 12


Some Useful expressions in Spanish:


Hello: Hola
Goodbye: ¡ Adios! (or "hasta luego").
Nice to meet you!:  Mucho gusto / Encantado/a
Good Morning:  Buenos dias
Good Evening:  Buenas tardes
Good Night:  Buenas noches
See you soon:  Hasta pronto
You´re welcome: De nada
Yes:  Sí
No:  No
I don't know:  No sé
I think so:  Yo creo que sí
Where?:  Donde?
When?:  Cuando?
Why?:  ¿Por qué

Who?:  Que?
How much/ How many?: Cuánto cuesta? / ¿Cuántos
Where is the bathroom?: ¿ Donde esta el baño?
Please: Por favor
Thank you: Gracias
Excuse me: ¡ Perdon!
May I?:  ¿Puedo
Good Luck!:  Buena suerte!
Metro station: Estación de metro
Bus station: Estación de autobús
Taxi central: Central de taxis
I want a glass of water:. Quiero un vaso de agua
I want a beer: Quiero una cerveza.
I want a glass of white wine: Quiero una copa de vino blanco.
I want a glass of red wine: Quiero una copa de vino tinto.